2014 Chicago Theatre Halloween Guide

Don’t let the Halloween season pass you by without seeing one… or two… of these spooky and fun thrillers!
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Annoyance Theatre
: 851 W. Belmont, Chicago
Aug 29 - Nov 7, 2014
Angela of Death is a dark musical comedy revolving around Angela Ostrowski. As her high school career comes to an end, Angela’s reputation is marred by the sudden, inexplicable deaths of her exes. Rumors begin to swirl and tensions mount among students and staff alike while Angela struggles to cope with her apparent curse. Fridays at 8pm.


Dream Theatre
: 5026 N. Lincoln, Chicago
Oct 17 - Nov 2, 2014
Dream Theatre Company shatters the boundary between actor and audience in Audience Annihilated. One to four audience members play the lead role in Jeremy Menekseoglu's immersive 15-minute experience that blurs the line between horror play and haunted house. Previous chapters of Audience Annihilated were called "a poetic phantasmagoria" and "thrillingly too close for comfort," and were included in the Chicago Reader 2014 Best of Chicago Poll. Reservations are a must as seating is limited. Gallery viewing seats are also available.


Hell in a Handbag Productions at Berger Park Coach House
: 6205 N. Sheridan, Chicago
Sept 11 - Nov 1, 2014
A re-imagined remount of Hell in a Handbag's wicked smart parody of the Hitchcock classic, the show combines the outrageous parody that Handbag specializes in with a look into the dark obsession director Alfred Hitchcock had with newcomer, Tippi Hedren. Endorsed by none other than Ms. Tippi Hedren herself, The Birds stands out as one of Handbag's most critically acclaimed and memorable shows.

Redmoon Theater
: 2120 S. Jefferson, Chicago
Oct 31, 2014
This Halloween, Redmoon’s wildly popular costume party Boneshaker returns for its fifth annual spectacular installment. For one night only, Redmoon transforms its massive Pilsen headquarters into an otherworldly playground for 1,000 revelers with interactive experiences, inventive machines, creative food and cocktails, and dancing to beats from DJs on three different dance floors.

ComedySportz Chicago
: 929 W. Belmont, Chicago
Oct 2 - 30, 2014
Just in time for Halloween, musical improv meets the macabre in a tingling 50-minute tale that starts with a suggestion from you, the audience. Performed by members of the ComedySportz ensemble, Cursed! follows in the haunting spirit of the great camp horror musicals such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Little Shop of Horrors and Annie. Only this time, the sun may not come up tomorrow! Watch, if you dare. Thursdays at 10PM.

Metropolis Performing Arts Centre
: 111 W. Campbell, Arlington Heights
Oct 30, 2014
Grab your poodle skirt and horn rimmed glasses; the class of 1957 is having one killer Prom! Before the king and queen have their first dance tragedy strikes and you’ll have to figure out who is responsible. You’ll play detective in this “swell” interactive murder mystery dinner held at 50’s themed restaurant Circa 57.

Corn Productions at the Cornservatory:
4210 N. Lincoln, Chicago
Oct 17 - Nov 1, 2014
The leaves are turning, the days are shorter, there's a nip in the air, and the folks at Corn Productions are breaking out the ole body bags and shovels for the sixth incarnation of the smash-ed hit, Death Toll - A Drinking Game Performance. Hey, Halloween is a party so why not go with the gruesome flow. We present an hour of comedy/horror sketches and you drink every time someone dies...PARTY! And as always, DeathToll is BYOB. Boo-ray!

First Folio Theatre
at Mayslake Hall: 1717 31st St., Oak Brook
Oct 1 - Nov 2, 2014
In one of Bavaria’s forgotten cemeteries, a lone gravedigger finds a hideously scarred man hiding in a fresh grave. Thus begins a harrowing journey as the men discover their shared past with its gruesome and deadly secrets.

Strangeloop Theatre at Chemically Imbalanced Comedy
: 1420 W. Irving Park, Chicago
Sept 13 - Nov 1, 2014
This fall enter a world filled with things so evil and crazy that when you shoot them, they stand up to get shot all over again. Join Strangeloop Theatre and CIC Theater as they bring Tim Seeley's horror comedy series Hack/Slash from the 2D comic book page to a 3D Chicago stage. Hack/Slash is the story of horror victim survivor Cassie Hack who, together with her disfigured sidekick Vlad, travels the country (and sometimes the underworld) fighting evil slashers who refuse to just lay down and die even after being burned, impaled, and shot 20 times.

The House Theatre of Chicago at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel: 17 E. Monroe, Chicago
Award-winning, third-generation magician Dennis Watkins delivers a special Halloween performance of sophisticated tom-foolery in one of the Windy City’s most unique entertainment experiences. The Magic Parlour is replete with mind-blowing magic and mind reading in an intimate suite at the historic Palmer House Hilton Hotel.

Cowardly Scarecrow at Stage 773
: 1225 W. Belmont, Chicago
Oct 9 - Nov 8, 2014
Musical of the Living Dead takes audiences on a rip-roaring journey beyond the grave with its satirical send-ups of classic zombie films and musical theater. The curtain opens on 10 survivors of a recent zombie apocalypse, trapped in a farmhouse and willing to try anything to escape. Writers Marc Lewallen and Brad Younts gleefully fulfill horror-film conventions in creating the melee of the zombie apocalypse as we watch the cast of memorable characters – all brought together seeking refuge from a ravenous horde of brain-eating (and dancing) zombies.

Corn Productions at Cornservatory
: 4210 N. Lincoln, Chicago
Oct 10 - Nov 1, 2014
Halloween is upon us. In that spirit, Corn Productions is ready to present the 6th installment of their annual Halloween show, Nightmares On Lincoln Avenue 666: The Exorcism of Rose Mary’s Omen. Inspired by the “unholy trinity of horror movies" (The Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby and The Omen), Nightmares pays a deep homage to the formulaic structure and tropes of classic horror films from the late 60’s to the mid-80’s. Be sure to bring plenty of booze to this BYOB night of comedic terror and suspense!

4100 IL Rt. 53, Lisle
Oct 4 - 26, 2014
Resurrected focuses on five famous Chicago scary tales, Resurrection Mary, Devil Baby of Hull House, Julia Petta, the Italian Bride, and Francis Levy's Handprint all held together by the Wynekooop Murder investigation with audience participation.

Redmoon Theater
: 2120 S. Jefferson, Chicago
Oct 18 - 26, 2014
This fall, Redmoon's 2nd annual Halloween event designed for families at a dream-like playground where their imagination, creativity, and sense of adventure are encouraged. Expect interactive experiences, surprising machines, live music, snacks, and art making.

Annoyance Theatre
: 851 W. Belmont, Chicago
Sept 6 - Nov 1, 2014
A parody of Friday the 13th-type movies, the characters in Splatter Theater include such archetypes as the nun, the school jock, the virgin, the class dick, and of course the bumbling old man. Laugh and watch them all die in different ways: Tongue pulled out, drill in the head, evisceration, slashed throat, and many other hilariously appalling ways! With freshly painted white walls on the stage before each performance, the audience will be horrified and delighted by the end, when the walls are covered in blood! Saturdays at 10:30pm.

Porchlight Music Theatre at Stage 773
: 1225 W. Belmont, Chicago
Oct 3 - Nov 9, 2014
Based on the Victorian era serial, this Tony and Olivier-winning musical tells the tale of London barber Sweeney Todd, torn from his family and exiled for 15 years on a miscarriage of justice who returns home to a city as corrupt as when he left. Hell-bent on revenge after learning the agonizing fate of his wife and daughter, he takes up his razors to dish out a brutal recipe of justice with the help of infatuated and enterprising meat pie-maker Nellie Lovett in this spine-chilling musical masterpiece of obsession, retribution and culinary curiosity.

Oil Lamp Theater
: 1723 Glenview Rd., Glenview
Oct 19 - Nov 5, 2014
The play is a haunting psychological thriller. The play tells the story of a young governess sent to an isolated country mansion to oversee the education of two young orphans. Slowly the governess begins to be haunted by spirits, the ghosts of the late valet and the deceased former governess. She cannot know for sure if the ghosts are real, or merely hallucinations that plague her as she slowly descends into madness. Not recommended for children.

Beverly Theatre Guild at The Baer Theatre at Morgan Park Academy Arts Center
: 2153 W. 111th St., Chicago
Oct 24 - Nov 2, 2014
It’s alive and on stage—the classic film filled with new songs and hilarious lyrics by Mel Brooks along with the same memorable characters and the iconic “Puttin’ on the Ritz”. Journey to Transylvania for this Halloween season treat.

Annoyance Theatre
: 851 W. Belmont, Chicago
Sept 24 - Oct 29, 2014
In a world where humans won the “zombie apocalypse”, the left over zombies are treated as second-class citizens. Albert is the only zombie of his kind who is able to speak, but only with the intellect of an average human. Joined by his zombie-brother Bwains and his human friend Tim, Albert embarks on a quest to win civil rights for all zombies, but ends up falling in love with a human girl along the way. Directed by Ryan McDermott (Planet Karate, Manic Pixie Dreamland), Zombie Genius is silly fun that’s perfect for the Halloween season. Bwains! Wednesdays at 8pm.